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sk:n Show the World that Laser Hair Removal is Effective and Safe for All!

BIRMINGHAM, England, July 26, 2012 /PRNewswire/ --

As the longest established skin laser provider and over 1 and a half million satisfied clients, sk:n clinics know a thing or two about laser hair removal.

Just today, The Metro reported on a woman who was left distraught after being turned away from a clinic because they were unable to perform laser hair removal on her dark skin. If Ms Inglis had walked through the doors of any one of sk:n's 39 clinics around the UK that day, she would have left safe in the knowledge that sk:n are specialists in hair removal for dark skin types and they have a range of lasers for all, regardless of skin or hair type.

Laser hair removal is effective for everyone

The notion that laser hair removal can't be performed on dark skin types is a myth that sk:n want to bust! Many clinics use cheaper and less effective IPL or electrolysis machines which often cannot treat darker skin types and only serve to leave clients like Ms Inglis disappointed and disgruntled.

Safe, simple and effective treatments

sk:n clinics pride themselves on the safety and efficacy of the non-surgical skin treatments they provide. Being fully registered with the Care Quality Commission and with a huge network of dermatologists, doctors, nurses and therapists across the UK, sk:n are able to treat 11,000 laser hair removal clients every month who leave satisfied, hair-free and happy!

Over the last 20 years, sk:n clinics have treated over 1 and a half million clients and have a 98% laser hair removal success rate.


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